About Us 


Fuji Chemical(Suzhou) Trading Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary invested by Japan's Fuji Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., and is the sole legal person of Fuji Chemical Industry in China. The company was established in February 2008, which coincided with the 50th anniversary of the establishment of Fuji Chemical Industry, and is located in the scenic Mudu Town, Wuzhong District, Suzhou City.

The company has inherited the traditional advantages and technology accumulation of Fuji Chemical Industry in the field of surface mounting, and aims to provide Chinese customers with more convenient, timely, complete and effective technical services and support.




『Sincere to the sky』




Realizing the common development of the company and employees has been our business goal. At the same time, we are determined to become a company that contributes to society by providing valuable fine chemical products and professional technical services.


• Global business strategy

• Clarify powers and responsibilities, and fully delegate powers to cultivate decisiveness

• The affairs department pursues "standardization"
   What the Product Technology Department pursues is "the deepening of core technology"
   The sales department pursues the foresight, execution and landing of "all sales links"
• Do not ignore the importance of greetings and improve communication skills



The company's goal is to win customers' peace of mind, trust, and recognition for our company and products worldwide.
For the company, it is also an important responsibility and obligation to pass on the "irreplaceable global environment" to the next generation and promote the symbiosis of the environment and business management. Promote compliance and law-abiding corporate activities and improve customer satisfaction, build and operate a management system with this as the core, and continue to improve based on the following activity policies.

Promote continuous improvement based on the following activity guidelines.

1: Quality is the passport to the world, and products, trust and actual performance are the company's best marketing methods.

2: In order to build a quality management system that can provide customers with peace of mind and trust, promote visual improvement and standardization.

3: Actively collect information about environmental protection through business activities, products, and services, and strive to convey correct information to customers. Our company itself will also comply with environmental laws and other requirements to carry out corporate activities.

4: Through the development and popularization of products that do not use harmful chemical substances and products that do not waste natural resources, we are committed to treating environmental protection as our own business.

5: We firmly believe that the gathering of little efforts on weekdays will greatly save resources and energy, and implement energy conservation, emission reduction and green travel in daily business activities.